In “Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional,” we looked at the many reasons to hire a web designer/developer to build your site. Visit any of the automated services like WordPress or Squarespace, and you can be forgiven for thinking that building a website is all about sexy templates, drag & drop ease, and fancy effects. These services highlight these features for a simple reason: they’re the ones that can be automated (to various degrees of success.) But there’s one aspect of building a website that can’t be automated: writing the all-important text visitors will read. For that, you need a copywriter.

I’ll save money and write it myself

In much the same way as you’d hire a professional to design a site, a photographer to provide imagery, and a developer to code your web presence, hiring a copywriter is a necessity. Writing for the web isn’t like writing for any other medium. It requires clarity, experience, and the ability to connote trust. By using a copywriter, you’re letting a fresh voice renew your message and help you reach your customers. You’re also saving yourself hours and hours of misery. Everyone can type. Not everyone can write, let alone edit.

In addition to crafting quality content, a copywriter helps to shape your goals and ambitions for the website. They’ll write everything from the headlines to body copy, from sidebar text to check-out form error messages, ensuring that your website visitors encounter well-crafted messaging throughout their visit.

Content comes first

Here at Copy & Design, we often approach projects from the copywriting side first. Once the text is complete, we use it to define both the design and structure of the visual website that holds it, ensuring that your message stands out, front and center.

Catchng thos mstakes

We don’t just provide copywriting services, though. We also provide proofreading talent. We catch those difficult-to-catch errors that, in the eyes of a potential customer, can color their impression of your site and, in turn, your business.

Visit the WORK section of our website to see samples of our copywriting chops.

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