Meet your think tank.

The Copy & Design team has been working together for over 15 years. And we still get excited about bouncing around ideas and producing great work. What you get with us: a lean, responsive, flexible team of creative professionals cherry-picked for your project. What you won’t get: big egos, too many account executives, or outrageous agency fees. So let’s meet your team, shall we?

Patricia Fitzgerald

Patricia likes to remind us that she has an MFA in creative writing and isn’t afraid to use it. Since 1998, she’s been leveraging her love of language to craft compelling content for clients of all sizes and ilk. Digital, print, broadcast—she hasn’t meet a medium she doesn’t like. In her heart of hearts, she believes that yes, people actually do read the copy.

Patricia Fitzgerald

Franz Neumann

Franz Neumann has been designing and building websites and e-mail marketing campaigns for close to 20 years. Owner of two master’s degree (take that, Patricia), he’s taught web design at the university level and knows how to translate web-speak into everyday language our clients understand. His code is clean, his load-times fast, and his sites a cinch to navigate.

Franz Neumann

Our Partners

Masa Lau

Masa Lau — Art Director/Designer

Besides having a cool name, Masa brings an uncanny eye for clean, fresh and memorable design. A graduate of CSULB with a Fine Arts degree and a minor in marketing, Masa has created memorable campaigns for the Queen Mary, the Boy Scouts of America, Toshiba, Toyota and Bausch. Somewhere in there, he finds time to raise three kids.

Laureen Renfro

Laureen Renfro — Designer/Production Artist

Give her a grid to lock down or typography to kern, and Laureen is as happy as a kid in a candy shop. She started developing her design chops and penchant for production back in 1996, and has been creating great work ever since. Ultra-reliable, fast but accurate, with an eye for the minutest detail, Laureen is a true asset to our (make that your) team.

Michael Arizola

Michael Arizola — Interactive Producer

A man of many hats, Michael is our go-to expert for all things interactive including PDFs and Word documents. He brings 19 years of experience in web development and internet marketing, as well as a degree in multimedia from Columbia College in Chicago.

Jana Bond

Jana Bond — Proofer and Production Nit-Picker

Jana has years of proofing and copyediting experience under her belt in both the advertising and editorial spheres. Under her scrutiny, no typo, grammatical error or misaligned key line makes it to print or web. She is a true professional, and at times a maddening perfectionist, but we love her for it.

Sean Meredith

Sean Meredith — Videographer

Sean graduated from Emerson College in 1992 with a film degree in one hand and a Super 8 camera in the other. He’s since advanced to more sophisticated tools, and uses them to write, direct, edit and produce videos for artists, small businesses, hotels and community organizations. His award-winning film Dante’s Inferno is now part of MoMA NY’s permanent collection. You’ll find him behind the camera, in front of his computer, or on his bike.

Who Else?

You’ve just met our core team of creative professionals ready to work on your projects. But we also have long-standing relationships with photographers, animators, media planners, market researchers, project managers, and a slew of other specialists we’re happy to bring to the table when needed.