It’s crucial. Visitor statistics show that people search for products and services on the go. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly you lose more than customers—you affect perception, value, and your search engine ranking.

But who visits on mobile, anyway?

Everyone, nearly. The majority of the traffic to our clients’ websites comes from smartphone users. Desktop visitors come in second, with tablets third. In some cases, as much as 70% of the traffic is from smartphones—and these aren’t sites targeted at hip, young audiences, either. Let that sink in.

Can you afford not to make your site mobile-friendly? (If you’re not seeing 50% of your traffic coming from mobile, there might be another explanation—mobile visitors are leaving your site when they see it isn’t mobile-friendly. Check your bounce-rates.)

You are what you convey

Having to double-tap to magnify a site so it’s legible is not a viable solution. Confronted with a non-mobile-ready website, a visitor is likely to think: Why did I get directed to their desktop site? Or, worse, Is this content outdated? Is this company outdated?

Improve your site rankings

Google weighs websites that are mobile-friendly higher than those that aren’t. Likely most, if not all of your competition, is already mobile-friendly and taking advantage of this bump. It’s time to join them.

So what should you do?

If you have a static, tables-based website, then a complete overhaul is in order. You’ll get the benefits of a faster site, better quality graphics and typography, and likely a content management system that outputs your content cleanly no matter the screen size. It’ll feel like moving from a 1980 Civic to a 2018 Acura.

If you already have a site with a content management system, then your site can be upgraded more easily, with a new set of templates and stylesheets outputting the content stored in your database, but this time delivered into a responsive layout that works on any screen size your customers use.

Get in touch to learn how giving your mobile visitors a first-rate experience can increase visits, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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