Website Hosting

We’re happy to work with your favorite website hosting company on your website project. We also offer website hosting fine-tuned for just Copy & Design clients. It’s your choice.

Choose our managed hosting if you prefer not to deal with setting up web hosting, trouble-shooting issues, or resolving inevitable downtimes. We use MediaTemple for our hosting, which include site hosting and a dedicated database server so your site isn’t slowed down by hundreds of other resource-hogging websites. We also include Adobe Typekit webfont licensing as well as uptime monitoring through Vigil. When there’s a problem, we’re alerted and proactively work to resolve any hosting issue. We take care of SSL certificates for server-to-user encryption, as well. Finally, we make monthly off-site backups of your website and database(s) so your content is always safe and secure.

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Start hosting with Copy & Design.

$5/month hosting or $500/month? There are a million choices, all confusing. Get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll point you to the best hosting solution for your website.