Website Development and Coding

There are many ways to build a website. From drag & drop design tools to overly complex content management systems. But there’s a better way—if you make the smart choice.

As designers and developers, we know that the fastest, easiest-to-maintain site is one that’s coded by hand. The result is all of the good stuff—without the cruft. By coding your website project by hand, we ensure that the code is clean, lean, and easily readable by other developers who may have a hand in the website at some later date.

Drag & drop design systems make for impressive demonstrations, but the underlying code they create is machine-generated, lacking the experience and solutions a seasoned web development team can lend to your project. The result is often code-heavy pages, poorly optimized files, and slow-to-load assets like images—aspects of web development that aren’t visible, but are definitely felt.

Our commitment to hand-coding your HTML, CSS, and JS files (the main components of your website) extends to our choices in a complementary content management system. We use content management systems that let us determine how your site is built, rather than the other way around. You’ll never be left trying to pigeonhole a design concept into a clutter of fields, plugins, extensions and more.

Get a <head> start on the competition.

We believe that what your visitors see is important. But no less important is what they don’t experience: slow-loading websites, poorly optimized assets, and confusing design patterns. We hope you agree. Contact us below and we’ll tell you how clean code and development experience can make the most of your budget.