Static Websites

We’ve noticed a trend lately. Clients ask us to build a website atop a content management system so they can change the website themselves. We’re happy to comply. Pairing thoughtful design with easy-to-use content management systems is what we do. But then something strange happens.

No one updates the site, often because it doesn’t need any updates. Or we get an email from the client after a few months asking us to update an email address or add a block of text. It’s not that the content management system is difficult to use—far from it. Instead, it’s that our client never needed a content management system to begin with. What they really needed was a static website and someone to make small, infrequent updates.

Static websites are back in vogue. It’s easy to see why. Stripped of the back-end complexities of content management systems and databases, a static website is easier to build, more cost-effective, and faster than just about any other kind of website. When your browser requests a page, the server delivers the page. No trips through a CMS, no fetching data from a database. Just your content on their screens. Fast.

If you’d rather not deal with updating your website (in the same way you don’t want to update your company’s print marketing materials in-house), then a static website coupled with our maintenance service can get you a website that's quicker and cheaper to build, and faster than the competition. Best of all, it’ll be nearly impervious to hacks and exploits.

Get the power. Without the price.

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