An Admissions Website That Actually Works

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Let’s face it: Most university websites are huge, bloated, and complicated. They house hundreds, if not thousands, of web pages, many of them outdated and of no interest to prospective students.

What’s more, most university websites don’t make it easy for prospective students to locate the specific content they’re looking for, let alone apply — especially when using a mobile phone. Frustrated by the online experience, would-be applicants spend less than three minutes on a typical university website. And many of them abandon the site within seconds of arriving — long before they have a chance apply.

Take Control of Your Admissions Content

There’s not much your admissions team can do about unwieldy university websites. Updating admissions content is often no easy task. Chances are, your admissions staff is required to submit update requests to an overburdened internal web or IT team who is often slow to respond. Your requests get put at the end of the queue. Meanwhile, you’ve got a looming application or FAFSA deadline, and enrollment targets to hit.

There is a solution, and Copy & Design can help you craft it. A stand-alone admissions website is a simple, cost-effective, and attractive way to reach and attract prospective applicants, and drive enrollments. Built with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), we’ll create an admissions website optimized to:

  • Allow your admissions staff to make quick and easy updates
  • Give prospective students quick access to just the content they want
  • Customize content for different categories of applicants
  • Make it easier and faster to apply online
  • Keep applicants informed of next steps to enroll
  • Highlight your strengths and differentiators
  • Showcase videos and virtual tours
  • Look great and work seamlessly on mobile devices
  • Reflect your institutional brand
  • Link back to the main university website

No more clicking through pages of unrelated content for your prospective applicants. No more waiting for an overburdened web team to update the admissions section of your university’s website. Win, win.

Turn Visitors into Applicants

University websites have less than three minutes to turn online visitors into applicants.

Find out how an admissions website from Copy & Design can help you do just that.